China: a Market Economy with Socialist Pretensions. Critiquing Xi’s Report to the XX Congress.

5 Responses to China: a Market Economy with Socialist Pretensions. Critiquing Xi’s Report to the XX Congress.

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  2. mandm says:

    I agree with your empirical, factual treatment of Xi’s speech and the CPC’s economic/social policy, but not with your sneering stalinist-baiting rhetoric and sarcastic tone– which, together with your lack of historical contextualization, amount to making China and its billion and a half people into “Animal Farm”.


    • The leaders of the CCP are not Marxists, they are com-artists to be sneered at and hopefully jeered at by workers. This year is the centenary of the defeat of the German Revolution which sealed the fate of the Russian Revolution cementing Stalin’s grip of the Bolshevik Party. Over these nearly 100 years, Stalinism has been a plague on the international working class and a never ending practical and ideological gift to the international capitalist class. The prior successes of China, its incredible economic development in the face of such imperialist obstruction, in time will be eclipsed by the ideological damage it will do, once it is forced to turn on its workers with increasing frequency and ferocity soiling the name of communism once more.

      • mandm says:

        So…Russia must be crushed before real stalinism reappears? and China destroyed before its stalinist CPC turns on its workers?

        Stalinism is neither a man nor a political order. It’s a name liberalism gives to a revolutionary regime it isolates and attacks, which then necessarily mobilizes to resists its aggressions. It’s the opposite of fascism.

        Roosevelt, Churchill, and De Gaul cleared the road for Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union. Nazis murder workers: 27 million of them in the “stalinist” Soviet union. Japanese fascists murdered a similar number of Chinese.

        I actually believed you opposed a repeat of this ghastly history….

      • Your grip on history is really loose. It was the civil war in the German workers movement fostered by Stalin’s designation of the SPD as ‘social fascists’ that provided the opportunity for Hitler to come to power, it was Stalin’s execution of the leaders of the Spanish Republicans during the Spanish Civil war that paved the way for the 2nd world war. Why do you think Mao had to go walk about, because in 1928 Stalin instructed him to disarm the coastal workers leading to their massacre by Chiang Kai-Shek. Do you think Stalin’s inexplicable gyration between sectarianism and opportunism was accidental. Do you think that Churchill and Roosevelt would have allied themselves to Stalin in the War had he not proved himself to them beforehand by disorientating and sabotaging workers’ struggle wherever and whenever they occurred. Stalin entered into a devil’s pact with imperialism by wrecking workers struggles in return for them recognising the territorial integrity of the USSR. Nothing less would have sufficed. That was Stalin’s only bargaining chip.

        This is what real politics looks like.

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