anti-capitalist viruses pdf

5 Responses to WHY VIRUSES ARE necessarily ANTI-CAPITAL.

  1. Norman Pilon says:

    A first reading tells me that there is a lot here for me to inquire and learn about. Not a piece for me to be read at a gallop, but to be carefully considered in all of its range.

    But that’s why I read you, Brian, because you stimulate thought and inquiry, and I always go away from your efforts with more than I had before taking them up.

    The exposition is excellent and accessible. If any questions or disagreements arise in the course of re-reading this piece, I’ll put them to you.


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  3. Anti-Capital says:

    Interesting article, but nothing in it supports the title, that viruses are anti-capital. One could claim that viruses are the biological image of capitalism; commandeering– “monopolizing”– the cell’s reproductive machinery– the cell’s “labor” in the “production process” to reproduce itself on an expanded, “accumulated” level.

  4. Anti-Capital says:

    Hit the reply button in error. Meant to add: Hell during the 1990s and early 2000s, when peak oil was all the rage, there were peak oilists out there who argued essentially that humanity was a virus on the body of the entire planet, and all its species, as human beings commandeered the resources of the whole “being” for advantages in reproduction of itself on an expanded scale.

  5. Sorry I appropriated your non de plume for the title. By anti-capital I meant that in pursuit of the accumulation of capital, the economic system and its resulting unnatural practises such as mono culture, use of pesticides, factory farms etc precipitates a viral reaction as we are seeing. Big Farms Big Flu is a book worth reading as the a goes into detail how these factory farms create viral epidemics. Hope that answers your criticism.

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