Rudeness does not further knowledge.

apology to Doughney pdf

One Response to Rudeness does not further knowledge.

  1. sartesian says:

    “As a result the share of variable capital compared to constant capital has fallen from 8% to 4.2% over twenty eight years a fall of nearly 4%. Had it not fallen by at least this amount, the rate of profit would not have risen. It is now time to pay attention. Over the next 28 years it is unlikely that the share of variable capital will fall from 4.2% to 0.4%. If it falls by half this will only mean a fall of around 2%”

    The fall from 8% to 4.2% represent a fall of 4 percentage points, but a fall of 47.5% in relation to the 1987 share. Likewise, a fall to 2.1% over the next 28 years, is a decline of 2 percentage points, but a decline of half in the share of variable capital.

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