1. Thomas Weiß says:

    “It is likely that Ukraine casualties outnumber Russian ones by a factor of 6 to 1…” That sounds a bit courageous. I thought one to one.

    • Thomas I will get you independent sources to substantiate that. Certainly the Mossad (Israeli intelligence) data in February gave that ratio.

      • luisgac says:

        Not only does Israeli intelligence provide a more realistic picture of the situation than the NATO imperialist war effort suggests in its propaganda aspect. Leaked Pentagon documents suggest that Russian casualties (killed, taken, wounded) are roughly four times less than what is “reported” by the imperialist propaganda apparatus. It is also important to note that the entire Ukrainian war effort is dependent on NATO supply (which is running out) as its defense industry has been virtually destroyed. Keep in mind that Ukraine is not a easy war target, it is not the Afghan goatherding army that defeated and humiliated US imperialism. Until the Russian invasion it was the second largest tank force in Europe (behind Russia) and had 8 years to generate the defense lines that are now falling at Bakhmut and Adviidka. But I am not surprised that even “Marxists” in the imperialist countries are victims of war propaganda that wants to point out the supposed incapacity of the Russian army: the objective is to instill in the population of the imperialist countries the belief that mutually assured destruction is not exists, that it is possible to defeat Russia militarily with hardly any casualties. I from South America see how many European comrades support this when their countries can disappear with 1 or 2 sarmat. But in Kaliningrad there are mig-31s equipped with kinzhal among other niceties… let’s see if the workers in Western Europe react, especially in that “toy capitalism” called Germany, because the imperialist leaders are leading us to a nuclear holocaust. This for Russia is an existential war like WWII.

    • Thomas. Scott Ritter who is a US citizen is a useful source. You will recall that he was the UN weapons inspector during the Iraqi war who had exposed that Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction. During the current Ukrainian war I have found his analysis to be more accurate and better informed than most as he has high level contacts on both sides. He reports that a few weeks ago during a meeting between the chairman of the US Joint Chief of Staff and the Ukrainian Commander in Chief in Washington Ukrainian casualties were discussed. The following figures for Ukrainian dead were provided: 257,000 dead and 83,000 missing in action. If true that supports my assumption of around 6 to 1 Ukrainian dead and seriously wounded to Russian dead and seriously wounded.

      • luisgac says:

        Yeah, Ritter is a good source. But in a war all sides are lying and it is impossible for you to find the casualty ratio accurately, but surely 6 to 1 is much closer to reality than 1 to 1.
        So Brian, have you seen the Leopard 2 incident in Poland? Its turret was totally separated. The goal of the Poles to reduce training time to just 5 weeks, in the urgency of launching the spring offensive (with mostly imaginary forces) led to this ridiculous accident. This suggests a severe shortage of skilled labor in particular and labor in general. Because? Well, because it seems that “western imperialism” took too seriously the issue of sustaining the war until the last Ukrainian. They are killing an entire country with its entire population. Also, I insist that the Ukraine had the second largest tank force in Europe, and a respectable air force inherited from the Soviet Union (about a thousand combat aircraft). And spent 8 years building fortified defense lines financed by the United States and Europe. Yet despite the gigantic outlays from its imperialist backers, the Ukrainian regime’s demand for weapons is never met.
        Of course, when you’re a zombie told by propaganda that the Russian military is totally incompetent you can point against all reliable evidence to a one-to-one casualty ratio. I insist: the objective is to convince the population of the imperialist countries that there is no need to fear a large-scale confrontation with Russia (and China), and thus NATO will continue its encirclement against Russia, thus increasing the number of target countries in the russian nuclear arsenal.

  2. Thomas Weiß says:

    Another point: if the US wants to attack China, they need a pretext. And if that pretext is an attack of China on Taiwan (as it is announced by the western imperialists)?

    • I do not think China will initiate the attack. Unlike the USA it has nothing to gain from a war. Everything the US is doing points in the direction of war including its expensive effort to create locally based industries such as chip FABS to prevent its industry coming to a standstill in the event of war.

  3. The major bourgeois (and pro-imperialist) German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung claims: The revelations of the Jack Teixeira website show 35 000 to 43 000 Russian dead soldiers, 15 500 to 17 500 Ukrainian dead soldiers.

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