I should have added in some data on the USA in terms of attitudes to socialism. Today a majority of the under 34 are favourably disposed to socialism, or more accurately, a left reformist interpretation of socialism. This is not surprising given the widespread financial insecurity that permeates that country. Here is an interesting link to graphs which plots the trends in support by party affiliation between 2010 and 2021


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  2. Antonio says:

    Excellent and magnificent piece of political economy. It contains everything relevant to take into account and with some examples and practical data. I will expand it just a bit with some details from the theory of the revolutionary cycle that I know.
    Practical examples.-
    ‘’ No doubt the next Tory leader will be brought down faster than Johnson despite his undoubted “personal integrity”. “The same applies to a Starmer-led Labor Party should he win the next election.” Exact. All over the planet, governments are increasingly unstable. Short in time and tilting between right-wing populisms (Johnson, Trump, Bolsonaro, Le Pen, Vox, etc..) and left-wing populisms (Syriza, Podemos, Melenchon,…). Voters vote for any right-wing or left-wing party who promises to stop their declining wages. Increasingly unstable governments, growing protests (Sri Lanka, etc.), extreme misery and a revolutionary party are the 4 determining factors of a pre-revolutionary situation according to V. Lenin.
    ”The social weight of the urban working class was altering the center of gravity of the nation, the workers were becoming more political and organized, and of course there was the Russian Revolution inspiring the change”. Of course, the Russian and Chinese socialist revolutions inspire the ENTIRE 20th century and the entire planet. And in all facets of the economic base and superstructures. In 1917, the current revolutionary cycle began with a progressive phase until the 1980s and a regressive and backward phase until today. Even when? My calculations (long to explain now) say that until 2040-2050 there will be no socialist revolution. But that means that the 2020s and 2030s must be decades of the rise of V. Lenin’s 4 revolutionary triggers.
    ”So revolutions are not made in the best economic times but in the worst economic times”. Exact.
    ”Who writes the line that low taxes can fund world-class public services? Just a rich idiot or what is the same, a politician. Exact
    The theoretical basis.-
    “The set of these relations of production constitutes the economic structure of society, the real foundation on which rises a legal and political superstructure and to which correspond certain forms of social consciousness.” (Marx) Scholars may reject this base/superstructure model, but politicians do so at their peril, as Johnson and Biden have discovered.

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