OMICRON: Vaccinations are no Substitute for a Healthy Nation.

8 Responses to OMICRON: Vaccinations are no Substitute for a Healthy Nation.

  1. Anti-Capital says:

    “And before the reader may question this, here is an example of how strong a barrier intestinal tight tissue is; the airships used by Germany and Britain in WW1 were only made possible by using the intestines of cows to trap hydrogen gas. The gas bags of the Hindenburg were made
    out of living tissue, nothing else at the time stopped hydrogen, a very light gas, from escaping”
    Got a reference?
    You sure do you love your cows. First cow dung was protecting India from Covid, and now cow intestine was the material used for the gas cells of the Hindenburg. Both claims are, excuse the barnyard epithet, bullshit.
    The gas cells in the Hindenburg were made from a cotton material coated to be impermeable to the lifting gas.
    All four of the SS model non-rigid airships deployed by the British in WW1 used rubber coated fabric to contain the lifting gas, not cow intestine.
    The French ship Patrie produced in 1906 likewise used rubberized fabric to control the gas.
    The so-called “tightness” of the gut, the “impermeability” of the intestine, is not the result of the density of the tissue, or tightness of the “weave,” but the intestinal flora-epithelial cell interaction which stimulates, among other things, the creation of a mucous lining of the gut that provides a barrier to pathogens. Wash that mucous out, as would be required for commercial use, and the membrane becomes permeable to bacteria and virus, among other things, which is why condoms made of natural membranes are less efficient in protecting against STDs than condoms made of latex.
    I’ll have more to add regarding your mischaracterizations, but you’ll probably censor this like you did the previous comments. We’ll see.

  2. Anti-Capital says:

    Just this and then there is no need to comment further: What you are missing in this, is that here in the US the Covid 19 issue has been used as a ways for the ultra-right to enlist scared an ignorant people into a movement attacking public education, public health, science. This is not just occurring in the US– in Australia, far right groups used “anti-vax” issues to cover a physical attack on the HQ of the construction unions. In Italy, in October, neo-fascists also used anti-mandate claims as an excuse to assault labor union offices.

    In the US, right groups have spread tremendous misinformation and have organized mobs to attack public health officials, other citizens, and school teachers who are urging vaccinations and preventative steps like mask wearing.

    There are plenty of reasons to attack the bourgeoisie’s handling of the pandemic; not the least of which is the failure to provide vaccines to the less advanced areas of the world along with sacrificing workers to the needs of profit. See for example the report by the US Senate on the toll inflicted on the meat processing workers by the refusal of the owners to alter any of the virus spreading work processes.

    The point being is we have to separate and distinguish our class-based, scientific critique of the handling of this public health emergency for those who will uncritically cite and refer to writings of known quacks, flim-flam artists, former Larouchites or current Kennedys in their so-called opposition to “the state.” The right wing conservative opposition to “government” is simply another iteration of the same opposition put forward by the neoliberals to the “state” in order to roll back public health advances, funding of public education, and attack living standards of the working class. That the right can mobilize the peti-bourgeoisie into a fury is no surprise and nothing new. That some on the “left” (like your friend Barovsky) have become so infatuated with this fury that they uncritically endorse it, is less than a surprise but more of a tragedy.

  3. Anti-Capital says:

    Well, here we are in April 2022 and guess what?

    Cow dung seems to have lost its medicinal power.

  4. Anti-Capital says:

    Meanwhile, see “WHO Finds Covid Deaths Vastly Higher”

    “Nearly a third of the excess deaths globally–4.7 million–took place in India, according to WHO estimates.”

    So much for cow dung as prophylaxis. No need to respond,

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