This week the Biden tasked its agent provocateur, the CIA to uncover the origins of the COVID virus. The deployment of the CIA confirms the old age adage – the first victim of war will always be the truth.

8 Responses to VIRUSES OF MASS DESTRUCTION. The CIA is unleashed.

  1. barovsky says:

    A thought (or two):

    Does not the ‘Pandemic’ have the same purpose and achieve the same result as ‘general war’ does, aka WWII?

    Does it not consume comparable amounts of surplus capital, without firing a shot?

    • I think we need to take your question in two parts. By consume surplus capital I presume you mean purge surplus capital from the system in the form of the devaluation or destruction of part of the stock of capital. The first part is to estimate the effect of the pandemic without relief funds. In this case there would have been a sharp purge of capital and the elimination of the bulk of the insolvent corporations. The second part is what actually happened. In the USA at least, where we have the data to hand, the Relief Funds going to corporations directly added up to $1.05 trillion thus far. This was the equivalent of 50% of annual corporate profits. In some cases it may have even partially recapitalized some insolvent corporations, Thus it acted as a buffer reducing the purging effect. War is a strange business. Only on the losing side is their massive destruction of capital. On the winning side, government contracts, often deliberately over-priced can result in the profitable employment of the bulk of capital including that element previously idle.

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  3. Abra says:

    My old Marxist teacher Kees van der Pijl meticulous researcher of class fractions, networks etc. has some interesting stuff on C-19 origins here

  4. I am on your side in this debate Sartesian. I was goingvto criticise barovsky but a little less harshly.

    • Anti-Capital says:

      Glad to hear that. The spread of misinformation about Covid19 by those who claim to be of the left but have no problem giving platform to quacks, crackpots, and members of the fascist-evangelical complex is worse than troubling.

      • I don’t censor this site but I agree with you that many on the left share the same political disorientation as do the right libertarians. I am disappointed in Barovsky on this issue. The purpose of the article was to flag up the continuous escalation of tensions between the USA and China emanating from the USA. It was not about the capitalist response to the pandemic. What is so absurd is that some of the lefts and the libertarians share the same response, as initially did the capitalist class, when first the outbreak struck, intending to keep their economies open while protecting the vulnerable, until they realised the epidemic of ill health that had already blighted their societies was about to cause a disaster.

  5. Anti-Capital says:

    I’d like to impose upon the editor to take the opportunity to point out some of the other inanities/insanities/distortions:

    1. Barovsky says: “Lockdowns etc, are for the rich countries!” a statement entirely without any meaning EXCEPT to “taint” the use of lockdown as a “privilege” which privilege has to be shunned. Well, we might as well say “Public sanitation, safe drinking water, proper pre-natal care are for rich countries!” Which is the guilt-monger’s way of stating that capitalism provides a higher standard of living in some countries while condemning others to lower standards. That’s true, certainly. But that does not make public sanitation etc. “privileges.” Those are NEEDS that must be available to all. Barovsky could have said “Vaccines are for rich countries.” and with far more accuracy, but that doesn’t make the vaccine a “privilege” that should be shunned AND it says nothing a) about the effectiveness of the vaccine b) the real obstacles to production and distribution of the vaccine on an equitable social basis.

    2. Barovsky says that the UK economy can operate with only 20% of its current workforce. Bollocks. A revolutionary socialist mode of production can dramatically reduce labor time for all the population, but the UK is a capitalist economy and the big technically intensive sectors will never be able to operate without the myriad low tech/cheapened labor components that support it .Barovsky, no surprise, leaves this fundamental distinction out and swallows, hook line and sinker the technocratic nonsense.

    That’s if for now… or until Barovsky provides more distortions

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