Last night, Dr Scott Atlas, Trump’s Covid Rasputin called on the people of Michigan to rise up against the Michigan governor who imposed a strict lockdown to prevent the collapse of the hospital system in her state under the weight of the pandemic. There is real panic in the ranks of senior Republicans, as state governors in both blue and red state are forced to act in the face of an out of control medical emergency and against the White House. As Trump supporters start being seriously affected by this virus they are more likely to rise up against Trump and his cronies who put profit before patients, than they are against those seeking to protect them.


  1. Cameron says:

    This article in The New Yorker is entirely about why Trump has refused to concede. Somewhat convincing.

  2. Anti-Capital says:

    “Clearly there is an acute medical emergency throughout the USA which is not being addressed by the Trump Administration, and this failure will erode its standing amongst its supporters.”

    Yes, there is a medical emergency. No, Trump’s failure has not and will not erode his standing among supporters. All evidence points to the contrary, namely that those areas hit hardest by the increase in cases and hospitalizations and deaths are the same areas where support for Trump is the greatest.

  3. Anti-Capital says:

    Hope you’re right, (and a hope it truly is). Never underestimate the viciousness, the meanness, the pettiness, and the weight of the small town mentality in the US. After Reagan gutted the rural areas, his support grew.

    • Here is a report that supports your hypothesis Anti-capital. It really threw me. A nurse tweeted that many patients dying from Covid refused to believe they were dying from the virus claiming they had influenza instead. They asked why the medical staff were taking such unnecessary protection measures as Covid was a myth.

      On a more political note it appears the Democrats have realised, at last, that now the euphoria over the vaccines is over and the stark reality of an out of control pandemic has reasserted itself, that the biggest stick they can beat Trump with is that his negligence is putting tens of thousands of lives at risk. If only they were street fighters, they could just say Trump you are not a president governing Americans, you are a President murdering Americans.

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