US RATES OF PROFIT 1980 – 2019.

I would like to apologise to my readers. Writing a complex post whilst under the influence of mild seasonal flu is never a good idea. As a result I inadvertently used corporate profit data derived from Table 1.14 rather than the intended non-financial corporate data. I have now replaced the defective article and worksheet with the corrected ones. The only damage has been to my pride. The corrected data are more supportive of my conclusions than the defective data used originally.

3 Responses to US RATES OF PROFIT 1980 – 2019.

  1. Anti-Capital says:

    “There is no need to revise the rate of profit previously provided. The BEA figure for
    2019 non-financial corporate fixed assets came in at $18001.3 versus my estimate of £17993.2
    a difference of .0005% or $8 million.”

    There is a mistake somewhere in this as the £ = $1.28

  2. Oops meant to use a $ sign not a £ sign. Thanks for pointing it out. I will reload the article with that corrected. Still you must admit, it was a good estimate.

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