1. Cameron says:

    Thanks Brian.
    Indeed this won’t be over after the election assuming there will be an election. The con artist will find a way to stay. Democrats are fully supportive of this escalating tension with China so yes it will continue going forward no matter who occupies the White House. Pandemic in the US is either out of control or soon will be so in order to extend and pretend there’ll likely be more support bills passing through. That should not bode well for the dollar.

  2. barovsky says:

    Point of clarity; the file is called 21st Century Pearl Harbour but you title it Pearl River, so which is it to be?

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  4. barovsky says:

    At one point, you mention the US’ superior semi-conductor chip production to China’s but this is not true any more and in fact, the world’s largest supplier of chips, Intel is moving its chip production to South Korea!


  5. Don’t know. I never second guess history. It could be China’s Pearl Harbour, or River or Delta, But I expect you get the analogy.

  6. It’s a difficult one. The top ten semi-conductor companies are still dominated by the USA with Intel (1), Qualcomm (3) Broadcomm (4) Micron (5) Texas Industries (6) Nividia (7) which together account for +60% of the revenues here. But in terms of actual manufacturing, much of which is contracted out, you are right, TSM in Taiwan and Samsung in Korea, dominate.

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