THE TRANSFORMATION PROBLEM. A complimentary but reversed new proof.

reversing the transformation problem corrected pdf

5 Responses to THE TRANSFORMATION PROBLEM. A complimentary but reversed new proof.

  1. odiug55 says:

    why your name never appear in your articles?

  2. I thought I always append my name and the month article was posted at the end of the article. Or do you mean I should give a brief description of myself and my history on the site.

    • odiug55 says:

      At least some of your articles are without your name (and without the last date). It would also be useful to write down how to quote the article.
      … I checked again “Applying the turnover formula” and actually you do write your name and date (after the References … I did not expect your name and date were there!)

      I am a supporter of turnover analysis since the end of the Eighties! I wrote a long piece on it towards a longer work on the transformation of value. As soon as I complete it I’ll send ot to you … I see we disagree on this latter issue!

      Thanks for your work!


  3. odiug55 says:

    Also it would be nice to have a brief personal history on the website

  4. Guido, I look forward to your work on the transformation problem. If either of us is right or there is a synthesis, this would be a step forward. The law of value stands or falls on the solutions to the transformation problem. In the meantime I hope you will use the turnover formula. I was amazed at the beginning at what it revealed. As I said before, it has never been contradicted by empirical data. It is of course an indictment of “academic Marxism” that is has not been more widely adopted. In terms of quoting the article I would cite the title and the wordpress link as found when you click on the PDF.

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