On Saturday, 30th of July, Dave Ward of the Communication Workers Union said that he had spoken with Mick Lynch of the Railway & Maritime Workers Union, Gary Smith of the GMB Union and Sharon Graham of Unite the Union “to consider calling for forms of collective action that every worker in the UK can participate in.” A small step towards what needs to be done. I am sure more calls will be made soon but a general strike still depends on pressure from below.

2 Responses to GENERAL STRIKE NOW.

  1. Antonio says:

    An excellent and progressive article in The Guardian on strikes, new law of employment agencies to replace strikers (state-sponsored strike-breaking) and Adam Smith. Yes, it is going to cost a lot to initiate and develop a cycle of strikes and protests that reaches a socialist revolutionary action. But that is precisely the work that distinguishes a socialist.

    • You have pointed to an omission in my article, just as in 1926, 1973, and 2003 the capitalists are preparing in advance for mass struggles and strikes. This time it is no different with the new policing bill and the new scabs charter. In response to this law it should have been all out, instead the TUC is sitting on its hands while the employers and their state prepare the battle ground on their own terms.

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